Joshua (cutthroatbritva) wrote,

ariel is not a name of someone i know

me and chris walked all the way to the movie theatre the other night and watched walk the line. it was pretty good but the fact that mr. cash was smoking and drinking and shaking made my sober ass a nervous wreck all i wanted was a cigarette. it was a long walk home then we made dinner. yay!

last night me and chris went to the vid and wuz drinkin when erin called and we went to some lame ass kareokie(sp?!!) party which blew balls but i got drunk and chris got drunker. we walked to kroger to get some snacks when on route we were on the railroad tracks and i saw a bike down on the side with this big red thing and was about to go down there and see what it was when some dude threw his face out and looked really pissed. i couldn't stop laughing uncontrolably. it was way to cold to be sleepin out there poor homeless dude. but funny.

new years eve was cool i saw dolemite and he yelled at me and adam summers for talking to loudly and all i could do was crack up and scream hail satan. not much else happened. i thought lyrch and company were comming down to bro it down like i had been promised but i guess i was lied to and they are pussies with no guts!!!!!!!!tee heeheee.

i said good bye to bkoopa last night which was sad but it was awesome to see him and hopefully i'll be able to raise the funds in order to go to sxsw this year and hang with him.

tonite i'm going to get drunk again probably because i dont have to work tomorrow!!! 2 days in a row !!!! WOOOOOO PLUS OVERTIME THIS WEEK I"M RICH BITCH FUCK OFF CUNTS
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