Joshua (cutthroatbritva) wrote,

yr. all fucking cowards.

tue night. after work got groceries did laundry, zorko came over and we watched born into this which was good except i've read about all that shit although watching c. buk kick his wife and talk about getting a jewish lawyer was well worth the 2 hours. slept
wed. went and got drunk at bears watching puppy with amy, talked to mom on phone she said stay out of trouble which made me very paranoid of getting into altercation, did not get into altercation, dropped full beer that created glass explosion and made people curious drank from pitcher rest of night, went home and did some sweet stuff.
thur. woke up around noon(early for me) made some mac and cheese and drank half gallon of milk, read journey to the end of the night for hours then hung out on porch with amy and other passerbyers, got a sunburn on my left arm because of it, then went and ate some food at a thai place which was good, watched a weird spanish film at amy's she fell asleep then took me home.
fri. went to work ate free pizza all day, got off work 4hrs(3 techincally) early and am here. amazing. gettting shitfaced tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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